Pember Library and Woman’s Day magazine
Pember Library and Woman’s Day magazine want to know why you think the library is important to the community As the economy continues its slump, libraries nationwide continue to play an important role in communities everywhere, as people turn to them for free entertainment, to connect to the Internet and look for jobs.  This spring, the
Dummies Library Display Contest
Wiley Publishing has an annual display contest. They ask participating libraries to create a black and yellow eye-catching display showcasing ‘dummies’ titles. The reward is greater circulation of titles in this popular series and the chance to win For Dummies books for the library’s collection, as well as a trophy and a pizza party for
Email has not been available for the Southern  Adirondack Library System and libraries since early Friday morning, February 26, 2010.  They are currently working on the problem. The SALON audiobook help system is also unavailable.
Pember Board Meeting
A meeting of the Board of Trustees of the Pember Library and Museum will be held on the first Wednesday of each month at the Pember. This is a regular meeting and open to the public.
Add your voice to SnapShot NY
On Wednesday, February 17, from 1:00 to 8:00 P.M. the Pember Library will be taking part in “Snapshot: A Day in the Life of a Library” by collecting statistics, comments, and photographs from one day to provide tangible proof that libraries consistently provide invaluable services to our communities. All statistics will be forwarded to the
Be Fine-Free for a Year!
Check out our “Wish List” page. I have added the magazines that are coming up for renewal with a price for a one year subscription.  “Ladies” Home Journal” is buy one year, the second year is included. Remember, anyone who sponsors a one-year subscription to one of these magazines will have your overdue fines waived for
Holiday Hours
The library will be open Tuesday 9am-5pm and Wednesday 1pm-8pm.  We are closed Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and the following day re-opening on Tuesday December 29. Next week, the library will be open Tuesday 9am-5pm and Wednesday 1pm-8pm. We are closed New Year’s Eve, New Year’s Day and the following day re-opening January 5 with regular
Library Closed Today
Due to the bad roads and nasty weather, the library will be closed. Any fines because of this will be waived. The craft program scheduled for this evening will be held on a Saturday in January.
It’s that time of Year…
Just a little blurb to let everyone know that if the weather is too bad to be on the roads, the library will be closed. We will do our best to let you know by posting it on  the website, letting the School Closing Networks know, and changing the answering machine to reflect the closure. If
Microfilm of the following items is available at the Pember Library: Granville Record Book 1787-1826 Census Rolls 1825-1925 (NYS census, Washington County towns) Morris Rote-Rosen 1920-1922,       1935-1984 Granville Sentinel 1875-2003 MISSING: 1878-1885, 1901-1913 The microfilm machine in the reference area is now up and running and prints from it look pretty readable. This machine also has a microfiche attachment.  You can