Obituaries from the Granville Sentinel

There are over 26,000 names spanning from 1897 (with more to be added going back to about 1875) to the present with the person’s name, age, place of death or place where they lived, and the date the obit appeared in the paper. If that data wasn’t mentioned in the article, the space is blank in the spreadsheet. Sometimes a town was mentioned but no state.

Extracting these obituaries from the Granville Sentinel to build this database/spreadsheet has taken many years and many volunteers. Some of them are Joan Speizer, Michael Smith, Heather Swaine, Alyssa Swaine, Maggie Davies, Bud Davies, Mary Emery, Ethan Benoit. If you helped on this project and aren’t listed, please let us know.

The process involved reading through the old copies of the Sentinel, either on microfilm, actual newspapers, or, most recently, digitized copies on the internet, then writing the information in a notebook. The notes were then added to the computer spreadsheet. Many copies of the paper on microfilm were barely readable. Some were too dark, some were so light we couldn’t make out many of the words.

*Because the database is rather large please give it some time to load*