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The Perils of Facebooking on Public WiFi

Posted by Ardyce on 10th February 2012

I read this interesting article and think it is worth sharing. Remember, you are responsible for your own security at any wireless connection.


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HeritageQuest tutorial

Posted by Ardyce on 10th August 2011

Have you been watching “Who do you think you are?” and wondering about your own family history? Search census records and family histories right from your home. From our homepage click on HeritageQuest in the left column and use your 13-digit Pember Library barcode to access  unique primary sources, local and family histories, and finding aids that truly help people fill the gaps in their personal histories.

Other records in HeritageQuest are:

  • PERSI, a comprehensive subject index covering genealogy and local history periodicals since 1800
  • Freedman’s Bank, records from African American depositors
  • Revolutionary War Pension Applications Collection, selected records from family Bibles, personal letters, battle accounts, and more
  • U.S. Serial Set, selected memorials, petitions and private relief actions of the U.S. Congress

Here is a quick 2-minute video to get you started on Heritage Quest.

HeritageQuest is sponsored by the Friends of the Pember Library.



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Viewing and Renewing Items Out

Posted by Ardyce on 8th March 2011

Each page of your Patron Account shows the total number of items you have currently checked out from the library. In addition, you can view a list of the materials you currently have checked out, and renew items if your library provides this option. Occasionally, you may not be able to renew items because there is a problem with your account. For example, your account may be blocked to verify information, you may owe the library money, you may have too many overdue items checked out, or you may have too many disputed or lost items. Sometimes renewals are blocked for certain items even when there is no problem with your account. For example, an item may satisfy another patron’s hold request, or it has already been renewed the maximum number of times allowed. Library policy determines if an item can be renewed.

View and renew checked-out items

Follow these steps to see information about the items you have checked out from the library, and to renew items.

1. Click Patron Account on the menu bar, and log in.

2. Click Items Out on the Patron Account submenu to display the list of your current checked-out items.

You can click a title in the list to search for the title in the library catalog and see full information about the title in the search results.

The Items Out page displays the format, call number, the item’s library branch, due date, and number of renewals left for each checked-out item.

3. To sort the list, click the arrow in the Sort by box and select a sorting order. You can sort by Assigned Branch, Call Number, Due Date, Format, Renewals Left, or Title.

4. To view details about an item, click next to the item you want to view.

More information about the item is displayed.

5. Click Back to return to the Items Out page.

6. To renew one or more items, do one of the following actions:

• Select the check box by the title for each request that you want to renew, and click Renew selected items.

• Click Renew all items to renew all the items.

Some items may be limited to a specific number of renewals. This number displays in the Renewals left column.

A message informs you which items have been renewed, and whether any renewals have been blocked. If you receive a message that a renewal has been blocked, and you have further questions about your account or the item, contact a library staff member.

7. Click Back to return to the My Record page, or click Log Out to quit Patron Access functions and protect your privacy.

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Did you know?

Posted by Ardyce on 20th February 2011

We have “Consumer Reports” magazine available at the Pember for you to check out. But  did you know that you can access it online at home when you need some buying guide info? I need to buy a new vacuum cleaner and I am able to look at the ratings online at home!

Follow the steps here to get to the information you need to make an informed choice when you need to buy something.

  • Go to the Pember homepage
  • In the left column click on Research: Magazines, Journals, Newspapers & Websites
  • Near  the top click on MAGAZINES, JOURNALS & NEWSPAPERS
  • Select Academic OneFile provided by NOVEL, this brings you to InfoTrac NovelNY. There are  currently 41,551,466 articles in a date range 1980-2011 updated as recently as February 19, 2011.
  • Enter your library card number. There are several ways to search. To get to a specific title, browse by publication, type in the title you are looking for and choose your title. (I searched for “Consumer Reports”) There are ways to limit your search.
  • In the left column here, you can search within the publication. (I entered “vacuum cleaner” and limited to full text articles. I got 41 hits; many of these are citations or abstracts but for what I want, March 2009 has an article: Vacuums: we found CR Best Buys for as little as $170. ) So for now, I am looking for either a Hoover WindTunnel Anniversary Edition U6485-900 or a Kenmore Progressive.

WARNING: newer articles won’t always be available through this resource.

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HeritageQuest webinar

Posted by Ardyce on 4th September 2010

Do you love HeritageQuest but wish you could get a little more out of it? ProQuest is offering training webinars to help you. There is one September 17 at 2:30 PM and another October 14 at 12:00 PM.

From  the above link, choose “genealogy.”

You can access these from home but you do need to register in advance.The webinar should take approximately two hours. To register for a webinar, click the Event name in the Upcoming Events section or view a recorded webinar in the Event Recordings section.

We are unable to offer access to these at the library because the sessions are so long. If you are like me, and are working at the time these are scheduled, you can view a recording of a previous training session.

The Friends of the Pember Library have provided funding for the HeritageQuest database and many people are taking advantage of the ability to do historical and genealogical research online using the books, magazines and records available.

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