The Dahl family May 24
The continuing adventures of the Dahl family The Dahls wanted to get out in the beautiful sunshine before the day gets too hot. We have lovely benches and a pretty garden behind the Pember. This overlooks the beautiful Mettowee River. They can also see the walking bridge over the river and behind those trees, the Slate Valley Museum.Jennie wonders, “Why is it called the ‘Slate Valley’ ?” Slate was discovered in this area in the 1830s. There is an area …
The Dahl family May 23
The continuing adventures of the Dahl family Ruth celebrated in style yesterday when the gang threw her a birthday party. She shares her birthday with Sir Arthur Conan Doyle (b. 22 May 1859). She couldn’t wait to curl up with some of her favorite Sherlock Holmes mysteries after the party.
The Dahl family May 22
The adventures of the Dahl family continues… David and Ella thought they would check out the Museum’s gift shop. Wow, look at these cool shells, said David. And they are free, said Ella. There are a lot of items in the gift shop which help support the Museum. Did you know that seashells are old homes of sea animals? The animals that live in shells are called invertebrates because they don’t have a backbone. Clams, snails, scallops and other mollusks …
The Dahl family may 21
The continuing adventures of the Dahl family We finally talked Elvis into doing a concert for us! Marie Davis and Jennie Kent roomed together in college. Jennie told us about taking naps before her afternoon psychology class and the music was on a constant loop of “Elvis at Madison Square Garden.” She knows all the words even after all these years. She confesses that she tried grilled peanut butter and banana sandwiches but it didn’t really appeal to her.
The Dahl family May 20
The continuing adventures of the Dahl family People have been asking “what do the Dahls do at night?” Well, sometimes they order in pizza: “Hey guys, hurry up! The pizza’s almost gone!” Occasionally, they get together on Bernie’s desk in the Museum and hash over the events of the day around a “campfire.” There weren’t marshmallows the night we took this photo but Bernie has found bits of graham crackers and chocolate. (No eating in the museum!) Eliza really wants …
The Dahl family May 19
The adventures of the Dahl family continues… At present over 700 different species of dinosaurs have been identified and named. However paleontologists believe that there are many more new and different dinosaur species still to be discovered. The Dahl family discovered the Museum’s play dinosaurs.
The Dahl family May 18
The continuing adventures of the Dahl family OK, I’ve never played scrabble in French before. Ami Amour Baguette Bonheur Bonjour Chat Chien Merci Oui Do you think Spanish would be easier ? Uno Dos Tres Quatro Cinco
The Dahl family May 17
The continuing adventures of the Dahl family Grace: “What is the 518 Rainbow hunt?” Eliza: “Why are you painting a rainbow?” Ella: “It gives people something to do, being outdoors, being with family while we are being socially distant during this CO-VID19 Outbreak.” The creator of the group “saw a similar idea on Facebook from the Italian communities as they were hit hard by this devastating virus in their country.” She says, “we could all use rainbows and cheer in …
The Dahl family May 16
The continuing adventures of the Dahl family Well, David, I know you told Mary you would help her with the book processing, but I’m not sure you’re doing it right.
The Dahl family May 15
The adventures of the Dahl family continues… Hannah decided to sneak away from the family for a much-needed outdoor break. She decided to visit the Pember Nature Preserve for a bird walk. Anyone can do this using a bird book and binoculars. She had a lot of fun and enjoyed the spring air. If you would like to see what birds have been spotted at the Preserve, visit Cornell’s Ebird website at