Summer Reading – Activity Kit 1
The Dahls are working on their summer reading. Our theme this year is “Imagine your Story.” The first activity kit is story cubes. The directions are in the kit. You just cut out your story cube, fold along the lines and tape or glue each one into a cube. There are people, places, objects, and animal cubes. The combination of pictures will prompt ideas for magical and exciting stories. Younger children can tell the stories aloud and older ones can …
The SALS network including all services (Polaris, third party authentication for Overdrive, etc) will be unavailable between 9:00 pm and midnight on 6/22/2020 in order to do network maintenance.
ReadSquared Summer Reading
Summer Reading? We all know it’s going to be different this year!The plan we are working on is to have activity kits. Let me know either by a phone call to the library 642-2525 or an email if you are interested. The 2020 theme is “Imagine Your Story.” These kits are intended for school-age children. The first kit is “story cubes” and will be available beginning June 18. One per family, please. Don’t forget to join our online summer …
Grab ‘n Go Kits
We have put together some grab ‘n go kits of childrens’ books. We currently have ten different themes. They will each check out as four or five items but they are in one bag. The themes are Dogs, Cats, Dinosaurs, Bugs, Library, Senses, Pete the Cat, Magic School Bus, Trucks, and Birds.
The Dahl family June 5
The adventures of the Dahl family continue: Jennie, Ruth & Ella drank a toast to the First Friday art work last night. They were joined by Marie, Alice, & Hannah. Alice had a cola since she is only 17. They loved getting all dressed up for the occasion and remind you that the (virtual) display will be available all month at
Pember Board Meeting June 18 6PM
A meeting of the Board of Trustees of the Pember Library and Museum will be held on the third Thursday of each month at the Pember. The meeting will be conducted following social distancing guidelines.
Curbside Delivery
We are doing curbside delivery! Send us an email pember.library @ gmail .com Or call and leave a message at 642-2525 Include your name, phone number and a list of up to 5 items (2 may be DVDs.) Currently, you may only request items available in our library. The catalog is available online.… We have no way to access any online requests which is why we ask you to use email or leave a phone message. (I’ll let you know …
June First Friday
We are all disappointed that our regular First Friday programs have been cancelled. However, the art teachers at the Granville schools have shared some of their students’ work. Thank you to Mrs Monroe, Ms Dashef, and Mr Houston for sending us these beautiful pics. The virtual exhibit will remain on display through the month of June.
The Dahl family May 31
Grace, Marie & Eliza wanted to get out for a bit. Yesterday, I took them with me to Price Chopper to help get supplies for a picnic. I told them they needed to wear masks and to behave! I’ll put a description with each picture. I think they had a good time!
Curbside Delivery
Our building is still closed but we will be allowed to start curbside delivery next week! You may pre-order up to five items by leaving a detailed message on the library answering machine or send an email to pember.library with Your Name, Your phone Number, A list of requested items Our delivery hours this week will be Wednesday through Friday 2-4 PM and Saturday 10:30 AM to Noon. We will call you to arrange a time for pick-up and …