Tax Forms

We have basic NYS tax forms available at the library free of charge. We also have a binder with additional NYS forms that you can photocopy at $.15 per scan. (Forms and binder are located on the bottom shelf near the new and 7-day books.) Or you can go to to get all NYS forms ($.25 per page if you use our printers and ink).

We do not have Federal tax forms but you can download them from the internet, ($.25 per page if you use our printers and ink). Go to  where you can access and acquire both electronic and print media.

Changes for 2011 NYS taxpayers include:

The NYS tax form IT 150 Resident Income Tax Return (short form) has been discontinued. All full-year New York State residents must now use Form IT-201 to file and pay their taxes.

NYS taxpayers now have three ways to receive their NYS tax refund: debit card (new option), paper check and direct deposit to the person’s bank account. There is a brochure with information on the new debit card near the NYS forms.

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