The Dahl family May 17

The continuing adventures of the Dahl family

Grace: “What is the 518 Rainbow hunt?”
Eliza: “Why are you painting a rainbow?”
Ella: “It gives people something to do, being outdoors, being with family while we are being socially distant during this CO-VID19 Outbreak.”
The creator of the group “saw a similar idea on Facebook from the Italian communities as they were hit hard by this devastating virus in their country.”
She says, “we could all use rainbows and cheer in our lives on a daily basis…bring people together in this time that we have to remain apart; it shows us all the good that is happening and being done, as opposed to all the devastation that we all must witness on the news each day.“
Grace: “So rainbows are a way for us to do something together while we aren’t allowed to be together?”
Ella: “That’s right, but if you want to paint a mountain, that’s ok too. “