The Dahl family May 31

Grace, Marie & Eliza wanted to get out for a bit. Yesterday, I took them with me to Price Chopper to help get supplies for a picnic. I told them they needed to wear masks and to behave!

I’ll put a description with each picture. I think they had a good time!

Marie & Eliza greet some other customers coming in behind us while Grace wipes down the cart handle with disinfectant.
Eliza wanted pickles but I convinced her that the gallon jar would be hard for her to carry.
Marie was impressed with the watermelons. We discussed the fact that she can’t bend her arms enough to use a knife to slice it.
Grace & I both think Citizen makes the best cider!
Eliza talked me into trying these chips. They do sound delicious!
There are just too many choices when it comes to Barbecue Sauce. Grace and I figured we could find a good recipe and make our own.
No shortage of toilet paper today!
Marie tells me to spread these crackers with roasted garlic Chèvre spread for a great snack.
Grace was a bit naughty and rode the paper plates up to the cash register.
Marie is fascinated by the machine that takes credit cards.
We always return our cart to the cart corral when we are done shopping.