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Pennies for Pember

Posted by Ardyce on 17th January 2015

IMGIt’s official. As of this week, we are half way to our goal of collecting a million pennies!

Some of them have been in the form of dollar bills, fives, tens & twenties, with lots of other change, even some checks. A huge Thank You to all the folks out there who have helped us on the way with this fund-raiser!

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Recycling Fundraiser

Posted by Ardyce on 13th November 2014

Please help us by donating your newspapers. We are collecting them for recycling. Kudos to Earth Waste & Metal for helping us with this fundraiser.


We are working on getting a container for collecting cardboard also. Contact us with any questions.

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Pumpkin Bake-Off

Posted by Ardyce on 8th November 2014

And the winners are:
1st place ~ Pies: Katie Poczobut
2nd Place ~ Pies: Kristin Gibson
1st Place ~ Cakes: Nadine Kaprelian
2nd Place ~ Cakes: Florence Rudio
1st Place ~ Breads: Edie Riker
2nd Place ~ Breads: Susan Billow
1st Place ~ Creativity & presentation: Florence Rudio
2nd Place ~ Creativity & presentation: Nadine Kaprelian

Prizes were donated by
O’Callahan’s Pub
Ma & Pa’s Restaurant
The Barn Restaurant
JK Adams Kitchen Store

Thank you to our judges:
Gordie Smith
Jeanine Macura
Steve Saltis
Jay Niles

And thanks to our auctioneer Jerry McKinny.

Our pumpkin bake-off was a wonderful success. Thanks to all who participated.

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Pennies for Pember

Posted by Ardyce on 31st October 2014



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2014 Auction Items ~ Furniture

Posted by Ardyce on 26th June 2014

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