Java & Jive Fundraiser
60’s Coffee House – Java and Jive Fundraiser at the Pember Library and Museum Friday, July 17 –  7:00 to 9:00 pm *  Exotic Coffee House Atmosphere  *  Open Mike, Spotlight and Board Games  *  Fresh Brewed Coffees, Cappuccino, Espresso  *  Coffee Cakes and Special Pastries Calling all singers, poets, troubadours and coffee hounds! If you play an instrument or sing, write poetry
Pennies for Pember
It’s official. As of this week, we are half way to our goal of collecting a million pennies! Some of them have been in the form of dollar bills, fives, tens & twenties, with lots of other change, even some checks. A huge Thank You to all the folks out there who have helped us on
Recycling Fundraiser
Please help us by donating your newspapers. We are collecting them for recycling. Kudos to Earth Waste & Metal for helping us with this fundraiser. We are working on getting a container for collecting cardboard also. Contact us with any questions.
Pumpkin Bake-Off
And the winners are: 1st place ~ Pies: Katie Poczobut 2nd Place ~ Pies: Kristin Gibson _______________________________ 1st Place ~ Cakes: Nadine Kaprelian 2nd Place ~ Cakes: Florence Rudio _______________________________ 1st Place ~ Breads: Edie Riker 2nd Place ~ Breads: Susan Billow _______________________________ 1st Place ~ Creativity & presentation: Florence Rudio 2nd Place ~ Creativity & presentation: Nadine Kaprelian Prizes were donated by O’Callahan’s Pub Ma &
2014 Auction Items ~ Furniture
1) Yarn-bombed Bar Stool – 30″ high –Valued at $80, starting bid $40 35) 36) 37) Set of two Telescope Teleweave Beach Chairs valued at $230 per set, starting bid $100 66) Adirondack chair and foot rest built and donated by Phil Webster. Valued at $225, starting bid $125 84) 85) Folding Metal Telescope Chair valued at $150 each starting
2014 Auction Items ~ Food & Drink
19) wine basket (2 bottles of wine, 2 wine glasses, handmade chocolates) valued at $40, starting bid $20 20) wine basket (wine, 2 wine glasses, cheese board & knife, cheese) valued at $40, starting bid $20 44) Cabot gift box of new legacy collection of cheeses valued at $25, starting bid $15
2014 Auction Items ~ Gift Certificates
14) Gift Certificate from Foundation Antiques, valued at $25– starting bid $15.00 25) 2 Adirondack Museum complimentary admission valued at $36, starting bid $18 27) $20 Gift Certificate for Large Animal Chiropractic care at Granville Vets (LA) , valued at $20, starting bid $10.00 30) Gift Certificate – State Line Flea Market valued at $100, starting bid