Lucy’s Birthday 2012!
We had games & crafts and prizes and Lucy gave out signed photos and treat bags for the kids who were here. Rebecca, a 7-year old tiger cat waiting to be adopted, visited also with the Beth from the Rutland animal shelter.
The “Everybody Loves Lucy” calendar is here!
Everybody loves Lucy and we have pictures to prove it. We put together a calendar with pictures taken by our staff and patrons over the last year or so. I think we used all the photos that were sent. See the calendar at the Library. Lucy reads the Sentinel This is a fundraiser and makes a really
It’s Lucy’s Birthday!
It’s Lucy’s Birthday! The Rutland Animal Shelter will be here again this year to help us celebrate. There may be some kittens here who are waiting to be adopted and maybe a puppy looking for a home. In lieu of gifts, please bring donations for the shelter: dry cat food towels blankets cat toys love We will also accept
Everybody Loves Lucy Calendar
UPDATE: There are less than two weeks to get your photo to us! I know lots of people take pics of Lucy while they’re here. Find yours and forward it to us for the 2012 Lucy Calendar. Everybody loves Lucy! Enter your favorite photo of Lucy to be in the Calendar Contest. You have twelve chances
Lucy Pics
From Bernie: Well, Miss Lucy is back at home with me for 4 days. She will miss the library patrons. Lucy is in a much better mood this time. She is rollin in her litter box. Yes, it’s clean. She’s hiding out in the bathroom next to my spare cage, looking out windows, and getting
Lucy Report
From Bernie: Took Lucy home with me for the holidays to spare her the loneliness of the library. She was quiet on the ride. Got home, hissed at all my cats and hid by the dryer. I dragged her out, kicking and screaming. She’s now camping under my bed. I tried to