What are you reading?

I just finished reading Stranger Room, a locked room mystery with two murders occurring 150 years apart. This is Frederick Ramsay’s fourth Ike Schwartz mystery taking place in Picketsville VA. I read a review of this a few months ago and put in a request for it. It was worth the wait.

The stranger room is a part of the main house with a separate entrance, kept for use by unknown travelers. Personal relationships, moral issues, racism and possible drug trafficking all make the story more interesting. I want to go back and read the other three books.

Also on my nightstand is Dancing with Werewolves, the first volume of a new series by Carole Nelson Douglas, the author of the Midnight Louie feline sleuth stories and Irene Adler mysteries. I don’t generally read other-worldly kind of stuff but I like the Midnight Louie series so I’ll give it a try.

Have you read anything recently that you’d like to share? Click on the post title or “no comment” and let us know.

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