Summer Reading – Activity Kit 2

Our newest “Imagine your Story”: activity is this Inspiration Jar. Call the library to reserve one for your family.
The directions say:
Turn the jar a few turns and see what items catch your eye. Or dump it all out on a paper plate and pull a few items from the jar and create a story about them. Use color, shapes, textures, lines, letters, & forms. Tell someone or write your story on paper.
NOT intended for small children. There are many small pieces.

Julie offered to do the writing.
She started. “Well, it’s not really a story, more a memory. That wooden spool reminds me of my Grandma Marie. One Christmas, I think I must have been eight years old, she made me a blue coat. I can just picture it. I don’t remember wearing it but I remember opening the package on Christmas morning.”

Jennie said, “I want to go next! See that shell? My story is about going to the ocean. I can smell the sea air, hear the crashing waves. I walk across the beach on a hot August afternoon. There are other people there, someone sunning themselves, another under an umbrella reading a paperback, somebody else is playing a game on their phone. This is my first ever trip to Maine, to the ocean! I can’t wait to feel the water. Oh, oh, OH. I can’t believe it’s so cold.”

“Alice, what catches your eye?”
“See that dog Christmas ornament? I have so many memories of dogs that lived with us through the years. OK, here’s my story.
“Once upon a time there was a dog named Cassie. It was her first Christmas with the Thurber family. Seven year old Dawn Alice had told Cassie that Santa was coming tonight so Cassie was trying very hard to stay awake. She tried to remember all the holiday things that had happened so far in December. There was the tree lighting in the village park, the festival of wreaths at the library, the tractor parade, and all the school concerts. Cassie had even been included on the family hay ride out at the Fir Sure Christmas Tree Farm. She looked out the window and saw the ‘reindeer food’ Dawn Alice and her brother Timothy had left in the driveway. Cassie fought sleep but eventually it overtook her. She slept a while and awoke part way when she heard some noises (on the roof?) but fell right back to sleep. Cassie could smell bacon cooking, and hear Dawn Alice and Timothy giggling over near the tree. Colorful boxes with shiny ribbon in all shapes and sizes surrounded the tree. And Look! The puppy shaped stocking on the mantle was overflowing with doggie treats and toys.”

Eliza said, “I guess it’s my turn. I keep looking at those scrabble tiles. They remind me of my aunt. She gave me a scrabble game when I was young. She would play against me. I don’t remember if I won or lost just that it’s a really good memory of her. I love to play Words with Friends now. I sure wish she was still around so we could play again!”