The Dahl family May 24

The continuing adventures of the Dahl family

The Dahls wanted to get out in the beautiful sunshine before the day gets too hot. We have lovely benches and a pretty garden behind the Pember. This overlooks the beautiful Mettowee River. They can also see the walking bridge over the river and behind those trees, the Slate Valley Museum.
Jennie wonders, “Why is it called the ‘Slate Valley’ ?”

Slate was discovered in this area in the 1830s. There is an area about 6 miles wide and 24 miles long that has many slate deposits. Someone discovered that the thin pieces make great roof coverings and an industry was born. This area is also called “the colored slate capital of the world” because the chemical and mineral composition of the vein of slate produces a variety of colors. More information can be found by visiting and of course the Slate Museum itself when they are able to reopen.