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February Books!

Posted by Ardyce on 26th February 2014

Love Story with Murder, The Dead in their Vaulted Arches, The Brass Man, Mrs Lincoln's Rival, Mrs Poe, Romancing the Duke

Love Story with Murder, The Dead in their Vaulted Arches, The Brass Man, Mrs Lincoln’s Rival, Mrs Poe, Romancing the Duke

Under Your Skin, The Sentinels of Andersonville , Harmony Cabins, Under the Wide and Starry Sky, The Mangle Street Murders, Runner

Under Your Skin, The Sentinels of Andersonville , Harmony Cabins, Under the Wide and Starry Sky, The Mangle Street Murders, Runner

2014-02-26 16.21.03

After I’m Gone, No good duke goes unpunished, One good earl deserves a lover, Bertie Plays the Blues, Feel the Heat, First Love,Once in a lifetime, Tatiana, Christmas in Snowflake Canyon, Hunting Shadows

Other new books not pictured: Command Authority; Lady Catherine, the Earl, and the real Downton Abbey; Out of the woods : a memoir of wayfinding; In the Blood

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Big Library Read

Posted by Ardyce on 19th February 2014

February 17, 2014toMarch 5, 2014

BLR_KeysToKitchenBig Library Read, OverDrive’s “global book club,” is back once again for libraries to lend millions of users around the world the same eBook simultaneously for free! The program that in 2013 brought us Michael Malone’s Four Corners of the Sky and Jane O’Connor’s Nancy Clancy, Super Sleuth is now bringing the secrets of the kitchen to your eReaders, tablets and computers.

Food Network and Cooking Channel star Aida Mollenkamp has provided her culinary guide Keys to the Kitchen to all participating libraries for their users to enjoy from February 17 through March 5, free for the program duration with simultaneous worldwide usage rights, without wait lists or holds.

Keys to the Kitchen is a cookbook by definition, but it’s much more than simply directions to get from page to plate. Author Aida Mollenkamp provides helpful how-to information on everything from proper knife skills and finding the right ingredients to throwing a show- stopping cocktail party. It doesn’t just provide ideas on what to cook, but also walks the reader through how to cook.


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Book Club

Posted by Ardyce on 22nd January 2014

March 4, 2014
1:00 pm

The next selection for the Pember Book Club is Emily Dickinson, her letter to the world by Polly Longsworth dickinson


Emily Dickinson is a personality with a special attraction for adolescents. Her poems require little experience to scan, and once read retain their fascination by the elusive inscrutability of the message coupled with the simplicity of the images. Her own life enhances this interest. She was a woman who never seems to have grown old, and the mystery of her seclusion is totally romantic. Despite the absence of any specifically juvenile biographis of Emily Dickinson, teenagers are probably more familiar with the framework of her life than they are with many poets who have been popularized for the young. To fill the gap, if there truly is one, the author has managed very well in overcoming the difficulties involved. The thesis is that “”Emily Dickinson’s `letter to the world’”” was “”a testimonial of rejoicing to that incredible quality called life.”” Just how she bridged the paradox of her voluntary separation from the world to a concentration on the essences of life leads to endless speculation, and in this book theorizing has necessarily been limited. The way is left open, however, for readers to continue wondering. The known influences have been fairly presented here — her family ties, the people she looked to for guidance, the two men that she clearly fell in love with, her Boston upbringing, her education, her religious struggles. The book is smoothly written and very readable. Her poetry is excerpted where it is illustrative of the life of the poet; it is not analyzed separately. The only drawback to the otherwise meticulously careful narrative is the occasional dramatization of events that could have been portrayed by quoting letters.

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Book Club

Posted by Ardyce on 2nd December 2013

December 17, 2013
1:00 pm

Ecology of a Cracker Childhood by Janisse Ray will be up for discussion at December’s book club meeting.


Goodreads says:

Janisse Ray grew up in a junkyard along U.S. Highway 1, hidden from Florida-bound vacationers by the hedge at the edge of the road and by hulks of old cars and stacks of blown-out tires. Ecology of a Cracker Childhood tells how a childhood spent in rural isolation and steeped in religious fundamentalism grew into a passion to save the almost vanished longleaf pine ecosystem that once covered the South. In language at once colloquial, elegiac, and informative, Ray redeems two Souths. “Suffused with the same history-haunted sense of loss that imprints so much of the South and its literature. What sets Ecology of a Cracker Childhood apart is the ambitious and arresting mission implied in its title. . . . Heartfelt and refreshing.” – The New York Times Book Review.


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New DVDs added in August and September

Posted by Ardyce on 27th September 2013

Abraham Lincoln [DVD] : vampire hunter.
The call [DVD]
Dark shadows. Fan favorites [DVD]
Diary of a wimpy kid [DVD] : dog days
Downton Abbey. Season 3 [DVD].
The Flock [DVD]
The great Gatsby [DVD]
The hobbit [DVD] : an unexpected journey
I love Lucy. Season one. Volume one [DVD].
Life of Pi [DVD].
The Lucy Show. Vol. 1 [DVD].
Mission: impossible. The complete first TV season [DVD]
Mud [DVD]
Skyfall [DVD].

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